Weight Loss

Whether you want to strip a few pounds of body fat ready for the summer or you need to lose a load of weight for health reasons, I believe there is one constant that needs to exist....it must be sustainable!

You may have tried strict no carbs, meal replacements, points systems and calorie counting, some may even have tried one of the numerous ‘detox’ diets. Generally a lot of weight is lost in a relatively short period of time, but then as soon as ‘normal’ eating commences the weight just piles back on...often with interest! Some may have even given up in the first couple of weeks due to extreme hunger or lack of energy, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this!

I don’t believe in fads and certainly do not encourage people to be starving themselves on hugely restricted calorie diets. These are unsustainable and can be detrimental to metabolism and overall health.

I believe in educating the individual to make the right decisions by themselves rather than blindly following a pre-scripted program. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method. By providing an individual with the correct information, whilst given guidance and encouragement, they will be able to choose the foods that best suit their lifestyle and tastes while still enabling them to reach their goal. What’s more, this knowledge will last a lifetime....potentially the last ‘diet’ you will ever need!!!

Weight Gain

For many people, being underweight and unable to gain can be a long suffering problem. Not only is there numerous health issues associated with very low body fat, including heart disease, depression, osteoporosis and fertility (both women and men) but also the matter of confidence.


Being underweight can stem from a poor relationship with food through to poor lifestyle and nutritional choices. Whatever the cause, by implementing simple, sustainable changes to eating habit can very soon result in slow and steady weight gains, moving an individual into a more favourable range of body composition and leave them feeling fitter, healthier, re-energised and more confident!

Basic Weight Management Package £60

  • Analysis of current measurements and diet (from food diary)
  • Training Programme (if required)
  • Personalised breakdown of macronutrient requirements
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Example daily meal plan
  • General nutritional advice and guidance sheets
  • 4 Weeks unlimited online support to get you up and running

12 Week Supported Weight Management Package £150 (Limited Spaces)

  • Analysis of current measurements, issues and diet (from thorough questionaire)
  • 1 hour consultation
  • 2 x 45min follow up consultations/progress checks (4 & 8 weeks)
  • Personalised breakdown of macronutrient requirements with updates as and when required.
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Example weekly meal plans
  • Shopping list & supermarket/shopping guidance
  • General nutritional advice and guidance sheets
  • Exercise/training program (if required)
  • 12 weeks email support and advice
  • 20% discount on further consultations (optional).

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