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All said and done, getting results and empowering people to achieve their goals is what it is all about. Be it fat loss, muscle gain or simply helping someone feel that little bit better, there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from success. Here are the thoughts and experiences of just a few of the clients I have been working with:

I very, very rarely write testimonials and when I do they are usually constructed with the shortest and most simple of sentences, however, my usual format would not encompass the high level of expertise, professionalism and hard core support that I have received from Huw at Nutrivitam over the past eight months. 
I began following nutrition guidance from Nutrivitam when taking part in a 'Beach Ready' strength and conditioning program at our local gym, Force S&C, in January.  Over an eight week period, I experienced some pretty decent results both in the mirror and on the scales (weight 4.5kg down!).
Following this course my goals changed and in March I approached Huw with a combination of potentially conflicting challenges; to lose body fat in order to squeeze into an unforgiving, slinky wedding dress, whilst fuelling training for the Long Course Wales three day endurance event, with just a week between both performance targets!!  Who doesn't love a challenge hey!!  
Huw responded to my email (plead for help) the same day and within three days I was armed with a highly individualised, comprehensive nutrition plan.  The plan didn't just focus on my goals but totally complemented my training regime, right down to the times of day and intensity of my sessions, it also took into account my working day and family life.  Not only did Huw arm me with the knowledge and instruction I needed to get stuck in but also offered powerful words of encouragement that put the fire in my belly (not as good as cake but close) that I needed to fully commit myself from the off.  This essential support and progress monitoring continued through regular email contact, Huw asked for continual feedback on energy levels, performance and weight, and made adjustments to suit, constantly focusing on my personal goals.  Huw endured my complaints around sugar cravings, dress fittings and a few other curveballs, responding with haste, positivity, reassurance and numerous achievable resolutions.  
At the end of June and a few weeks from the big days, I found myself feeling really strong in my training and could finally breath in my wedding dress.  I felt myself starting to relax a bit and give into the remaining 'pesky love handles', ooops.  
After subconsciously sharing this with Huw, I was rocketed back into the game with his trademark motivation and drive to achieve the best.  As it turned out I couldn't have been more appreciative of that last little push, as a result, my marathon legs were elated with the further weight reduction and my dress was taken in a further two plus inches.  I finished the Long Course Wales in times to be chuffed with and with enough energy to celebrate afterwards.  It was so successful that Huw quietly overlooked my recovery nutrition choices when he caught me shovelling in a giant pasty, whilst carrying a family size bag of fish & chips, following the run... future clients beware of those surprise bumping intos ;-). Thankfully these cheats had little impact and by following a further revised nutrition and training plan for the week leading up to our wedding, on the big day I was able to wait confidently and contently, in front of the mirror whilst my beautiful Maids of Honour did up my perfectly tight dress around a body I was incredibly proud of.  A totally alien feeling for me, until then.
Yes, I put in the hard work and made the sacrifices blah blah... but I was fully motivated and instructed on how to do it healthily and efficiently through the service provided by Huw, Nutrivitam.  In hindsight, I probably should have had the Nutrivitam logo embroidered on my dress :-) 
Mrs Lauren ALEXANDER, LCW athlete 2016, 63kg, visible abs, no pesky love handles and hungry for the next challenge.  Fit Bride mission status : complete 

"I've trained for years, you pick up bits of advice as you go along and end up thinking you know what your doing. It's not until you speak to an expert you really see a difference. The difference in my energy, sleep, training efficiency and most importantly of all, fat percentage is crazy. Advice from an expert like Huw is vital, #lifechanging"

Mark Tait, Llantwit Major

"I met Huw through my local gym after asking for a programme that was going to help me lose a ‘couple’ of pounds. After my first consultation, it was already clear that this was not just another diet but a better way of eating. Huw also inspired me to stop obsessing over the scales (which I definitely had been doing!) and to focus on inch loss and how my body felt. In the past I have tried EVERY diet and have always been used to feeling hungry, a lot! When Huw talked me through my plan I could not believe how much I was going to be eating. I followed the plan, used Huw’s recipes and guidance and in just 6 weeks I had lost 1.5” from my waist, 1.5” from my thighs and 2” from my hips. I didn’t feel hungry on the plan at all, due to the huge portions of good quality food as opposed to all of the diet products that I used to eat (I will never eat anything ‘diet’ again!!). This was about re-educating myself as opposed to dieting. Huw will show you how to eat to get the best out of your body and feel the best you’ll have felt for a long time."

Katy Edwards, Llantwit Major

"Giving intelligent and knowledgable advice, Huw has helped me put in place balanced and sustainable eating habits. This allows me to stay healthy and train well with the flexability of working around a busy family life with three young children."

Emma Reffell, Llantwit Major

"Huw has provided me with a practical and sustainable nutrition plan and training programme that is tailored specifically for my goals and fits around my lifestyle. As such I find it easy to stick to, allowing me to maintain my focus and get the results I want without any detriment to the other aspects of my life. Within only a few weeks I have significantly reduced my body fat and I am feeling like I have so much more energy!"

Tim Evans, Mumbles nr. Swansea

I have been training for years but have never been able to break a certain weight barrier.  After speaking with Huw he helped me with lots of nutritional advice and helped me gain my target weight.  I always knew nutirion was a important part of any training plan but i never really had the knowledge to implement into my diet.  Huw was very friendly and helped with any questions i had regarding his nutrional plan.  The plan was easy to follow and easy to understand.

I have now set a new target weight and i am well on my way to achieveing it.  Thanks a lot Huw.

Owen Newton, Llantwit Major

"I have known Huw (Nutrivitam) for a number of years, as a team mate. We met whilst playing rugby for Bridgend Ravens. He has always had a keen interest and understanding of exercise and nutrition for performance.

So I was pleased to hear he had started a nutritional consultancy business. As I had finished playing rugby and was keen to lose a bit of weight, I decided to give Huw a call. Being a Physical Education teacher I already had a reasonable knowledge of nutrition and its principles. However meeting Huw made me realise I was making a number of mistakes. He made me see how simple nutrition actually is, and by adopting a number of different principles I could see some rapid gains or loses as the case maybe. Within in the first 3 weeks I had lost 4kgs and not lost any strength in the gym.


The major positives, there was no plan that I had to rigidly stick to, no starving myself for hours upon hours. Just simple guidelines and recipes I could easily adopt. With his 80/20 principle allowing you to have the occasional treat. I have not felt like I had to go without at any point.


These basic principles will stick with me for a long time. I can't thank Nutri vitam enough!"

 Lee Davies, Coedely

“I had been following Nutrivitam’s nutritional advice throughout my last pregnancy. The diet was simple but, most importantly of all, easy, allowing me to eat most of the foods I enjoy (obviously excluding the regular pregnancy no no’s). It not only provided me with ample nutrition for myself and the baby but also left me with enough energy to continue my training right the way through the entire pregnancy (I was squatting and deadlifting the day before Sam was born!). As a result my overall weight gain during pregnancy was minimal and both the baby and I were in excellent health. However, following the birth I was still keen to get back to my former size and levels of fitness. From week 2 after the birth, Huw provided me with a fat loss program designed to be sustainable and practical, to fit around my lifestyle, whilst allowing gentle and gradual fat loss that would not have a detrimental effect on breast feeding. At week 6 he added a strength training program.

After 14 weeks of nutrition and 10 weeks strength training I have lost over 5kg of body fat, amounting to18.5 inches, have gained noticeable lean muscle and generally feel great...considering the sleep deprivation!

To date I have found the program to be practical and straight forward. I don’t have to go hungry or feel like I am starving myself and I get to enjoy most of the foods that I enjoy. It is definitely not a diet, more of a lifestyle change and one which I can and will continue long into the future...thank you Nutrivitam!”

Anna Alford, Llantwit Major

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