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Having spent four years on the front line of the health and fitness industry as an instructor and personal trainer and playing semi-professional rugby since 2002, health and fitness has formed an intrinsic part of my life for well over a decade.

Being someone who has struggled with their weight since a young age, I have always found myself drawn to the nutrition side of the industry, striving to find the ideal nutrition that would enable me to perform to my maximum, whilst still enjoying foods that I love (it is possible!). Throughout all this time it has become more and more evident that good nutrition is the linchpin in achieving both physical and mental well being.


I am passionate about the positive benefits that can be gained from eating nutritious food and believe that everyone can experience notable health improvements by making simple, practical and sustainable changes to their eating habits to enable a healthy diet to become a way of life, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the foods you love from time to time.


I am a firm believer in educating people, empowering the individual to make the right choice rather than perscribing exactly what to eat and when. By implementing this method into my programs and plans I aim to equipe each client with the knowledge to last them their whole life, putting them on the road to a future of health, vitality and longevity.    


In addition to over ten years experience immersed within performance nutrition and training as part of my rugby career and my time spent within the health and fitness industry, I have recently completed a Level 4 (NCFE accredited) diploma in Nutritional Therapy. However, for me learning never stops and as such I am consistently striving to improve my knowledge in the field by reading journals and papers and attending conferences and seminars to keep up to date with the latest trends, research and theories to ensure my clients receive the best advice possible. I will often use my own body to try out new methods and theories, gaining first hand experience of the effects - I would never prescibe to a client anything I would not be prepared to do myself!


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